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CHARMED is a non-profit organization committed to hair replacement and education services for men, women and children who are battling cancer and scalp disease in efforts to boost self esteem, combat depression, and restore self identity.

Es una organización no lucrativa, que ayuda con servicios de educacion y reemplazo de pelo para hombres, mujeres y niños que están luchando contra el cáncer o la pérdida de cabello relacionada con otros problemas médicos. Este programa fue creado con la finalidad de ayudar a elevar el autoestima, combatir la depresión, y restaurar la identidad.

About Us

Charmed Boston Inc. is a public non-profit organization that assist with obtaining medical wigs and other necessities that help uplift individuals. It was founded in 2007 and set up in 2008 by Nancy Brown who is dedicated to helping less fortunate people. Together, with several friends, she established the Charmed Boston Inc. organization.


Acerca de Charmed Boston

Charmed Boston Inc. es una organización no lucrativa pública que asiste con la obtención de pelucas médicas y otras necesidades a individuos que presentan perdida de cabello debido al cancer u otras enfermedades como alopecia, lupus o quemaduras.. Fundada en 2008 por Nancy V. Brown, la organización está dedicada a proveer servicios de educacion y reemplazo de cabello para hombres, mujeres y niños con la finalidad de ayudar a elevar el autoestima, combatir la depresión, y restaurar la identidad. Charmed Boston ofrece makeovers que incluyen maquillaje y fotografia a los recipients del servicio sin considerar la sitiuacion financiera de la persona.



CHARMED BOSTON welcomes anyone who is interested in becomming a volunteer. If you would like to help us in our mission please send us an email to ATT: volunteer

CHARMED BOSTON abre sus puertas para cualquiera que esté interesado en ser un voluntario. Si a usted le gustaría ayudarnos en nuestra misión por favor envíenos un email a ATT: voluntarios

Trinidad In Loving Memory


Trinidad was originally from El Salvador and spoke no English. She came to the United States about a year ago and noticed she was feeling a little sick, but continued to work, never knowing what the problem was. She became pregnant and her stomach was a little swollen and she experienced shortness of breath. She thought it was due to the pregnancy.


LaRessa's Letter


September 1, 2009
C.H.A.R.M.E.D of Boston
Attn: Nancy Brown

Mrs. Brown:

I want to first start off by apologizing for my inability to be present for this special fundraiser/benefit to support CHARMED. However due to my scheduled chemotherapy treatment I am unable to be present.

However, I did not want this day to go by without acknowledging how CHARMED and its members such as Mrs. Nancy Brown have been such a Blessing to my life.


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Charmed Boston was honored to have been part of Boston Medical centers support system for Trinidad and her family. Our wig donation program enabled Trinidad to feel and look her best during her on camera interviews with channel 5 news. Trinidad wanted me share her story and message; she urges all of you to get tested since early detection is vital to a good prognosis. She also urges that you never give up hope and stay fighting through your treatment and journey battling cancer.

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